Pascale Gaudet

Viviana Gastro Gache worked with us while we were looking for an apartment downtown Buenos Aires. She was able to find us a magnificent apartment with amazing views on the Rio de la Plata, and negotiated on our behalf with great results as she was able to reduce the price to our benefit. Viviana was always on time, extremely well prepared, as she presented us with a market study of similar apartments in the neighborhood and a detailed sheet on every apartment we visited. She would always describe what was wrong with a specific apartment, why a specific apartment was overpriced, or why another was a good opportunity. She really did an amazing job.We definitely recommend her for her leadership (as she was able to reduce the price of the apartment we liked to the price we wanted, and closed the deal on our behalf). We also recommend her for her dedication (always on time, sharp and ready to discuss any details). We finally recommend her for her customer service (she contacted us shortly after we moved in to make sure everything was ok, and to ask if there was anything else she could help us with)