Our relocation programs

We offer various options, individual programs designed to meet specific needs or seven standard programs:

1. Look & see
Airport reception and transport to hotel, introductory “welcome package” on arrival, orientation and preliminary briefing on the city and residential suburbs, accompanied visits to different properties and/or schools.

2. Temporary housing
We can help assignees find and secure temporary accommodations, with services from property previews and furniture rental to lease negotiation.

3. Home search
Airport reception and transport to hotel, home search and accompanied visits to different properties including lease negotiations, walk through, inventory check, etc.

4. Schooling
Introduction to the various available options. School visits, appointments with school’s faculty and administration. Accompany to interviews. Assistance with registration process.

5. Home and school search
See items 3 and 4

6. Settling in
Introduction to every day life in B.A., banks, hospitals, supermarkets, gyms, etc.

7. Departure Program
Assistance with lease termination, property walk-through, cancellation of utilities, etc.

Assistance with documentation formalities.
Cross-Cultural Relocation workshop