What is Relocation?

Moving to another country means much more than just changing jobs.

It is a complex process, which starts from the moment the company decides to relocate its employee to the time the expatriate and his family adapt to their new environment.

Although companies tend to brief their employees about what the new job entails, who takes care of the rest?

We, at BARC, help families, by taking care of all the practical and bureaucratic issues, working together with the Human Resources Department of different companies.

The home search is smooth and quick, thanks to the daily contact we keep with different real estate agents who send us their updated listings of properties.

BARC offers a flexible plan of services which can be tailored to the different needs of the clients.

BARC gets in touch directly with the expatriate and his family, helping them out in every possible way and relieving the stress that moving implies, making this cultural transition a unique and exciting experience.